Contract Lifecycle Management using Microsoft Sharepoint 2016

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CLM Matrix in the Cloud – Contract Lifecycle Management

Enter, Find and set Reminders for Standard Agreements.

Matrix-Online is CLM Matrix’s contract lifecycle management solution to provide small to medium-sized businesses with a robust repository for managing their existing contracts.

The solution comes pre-configured with a standard workflow and a comprehensive list of metadata that allows companies to enter key data from their executed contracts into the central repository. Once this data is entered, users can leverage the dynamic, real-time reporting features to search and query the database to find active agreements. No longer will  you have to scan various shared drives or search through filing cabinets to determine what your rights and obligations are with your customers and suppliers.

Because this is a hosted solution, access to CLM Matrix works with several leading hosting companies to provide scalable and secure platform solutions that eliminate the need for your IT department to manage the application environment.

Matrix-Online is perfect for organizations that have a small number of users and a growing need to get a handle on their contractual relationships. Users can set up alerts and notifications to establish reminders for future milestones (e.g. date expirations). The management reporting capabilities also allow you to proactively manage the pipeline of expiring agreements and gain greater insight into governing terms and conditions that influence future business performance.

The solution includes standard maintenance and support services along with self-guided instructions in the Matrix Toolkit to provide additional training and tips on using the software.

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