Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Management Software – Matrix FastTrack

Build, Manage and Monitor Complex Non-standard Agreements.

Matrix FastTrack is a fully scalable, enterprise class, solution that provides outstanding contract management functionality. It differs from the Matrix Enterprise solution in that it does not include the SmartContract document creation capability.

This solution is for those organizations that manage contracts that are either authored outside of the Matrix Software solution or they are mostly managing contractson third party paper. Matrix FastTrack does include the SmartInterview and SmartPolicy modules but does not include the SmartDocument modules.

Why do we call our solution “smart?” Integral to the Matrix FastTrack architecture is a core rules engine that “makes decisions” on how to navigate through a business process and how to construct the necessary contract, given its described characteristics.

Companies have long needed a way to guarantee each legal agreement is complete, includes no conflicting statements, and is composed in accordance to business policy. Usually this desire is achieved by managing policy across departmental personnel, with periodic, follow‐on audits. Using creative techniques, CLM Matrix has mastered the ability for process/policy administrators to enter such business policy into the software’s “brain” in order to achieve tighter governance and adherence to these policies.

With these features Matrix FastTrack can help organizations significantly reduce their cost of managing their contract collection, mitigate contract and compliance risk and provide an operating environment to manage rights and obligations throughout the life of the contract. Through powerful alert and notification features, contract monitoring and status reporting can significantly improve the compliance health of your contract portfolio.

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