Contract Lifecycle Management

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Matrix Enterprise Contract Management

Build, Manage and Monitor Complex Non-standard Agreements.

Matrix Enterprise contract management software is a fully scalable enterprise class solution that provides complete lifecycle capabilities including rules-based contract initiation and authoring, front and back-end system integration, repository and full document management capabilities.

The product uses a SmartContract document assembly engine to automatically create, assemble, load to the repository and launch a workflow built on the SmartPolicy rules engine designed to your company’s business rules and policies. This provides the transparency for contract analysis and discovery that maximizes financial and operational performance while minimizing contract portfolio risk.

Matrix Enterprise implements a sophisticated Expert System by allowing business rules to be dynamically added to the knowledge base. In addition, the product adds further innovation by allowing the data on which the rules operate to be dynamically configured without the need to redefine the rules. This allows you to change the system configuration in real-time as your business processes evolve.

The Expert System rules engine further allows you to keep all definitions “dynamic”… allowing changes in one piece of data definition to become immediately available to other data definition components. This makes the overall solution extremely fluid. Directly, this is how the software provides the ability for each business entity to define its own CLM process, its own agreement/data structure, and its own rules/policies.

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Architecturally, Matrix Enterprise runs exclusively on the Microsoft platform. Companies who have Microsoft Office Agreements can fully leverage their investment in Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Office and Visio Professional, Live Meeting, and SQL Reporting Services.