Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Management Systems for Entertainment and Media

It can take 200+ agreements to create a blockbuster hit!

Media and Entertainment companies are challenged with managing the myriad of contracts with Screen Actors Guild (SAG) cast and crew, production crew agreements with various business departments (e.g. Sound, Lighting, Special Effects), and highly negotiated agreements with lead actors and actresses. The number and variety of contractual negotiations can exceed 200+ agreements to create a blockbuster hit!

The majority of these contracts have specific compensation terms that are based on domestic and/or worldwide box office receipts. Most large movie houses lack the ability to manage the complexities associated with these negotiated obligations as they do not have a central contract management repository with proactive notification triggers. As a result, many companies incur millions of dollars in fees when they fail to meet contractual obligations.

CLM Matrix provides automated solutions that help a number of industry-leading studios and entertainment companies “get a grip” on their contractual rights and obligations. Our Matrix Enterprise solution provides rules-based workflow and trigger alerts that query a centralized contract repository to create greater management visibility into key rights and obligations that create both legal and financial risks. The payback on these implementations is often less than six months given the reduced financial exposure associated with contractual non-compliance.

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