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Contract Management Solution Education and Training

Swiftly Climbing the CLM Learning Curve

CLM Matrix offers several contract management software training options to our customers depending on their particular needs. Initial user education and training is built into our Implementation Methodology. Because Matrix Software solutions are built exclusively upon the Microsoft Office Technology Platform, users find it highly intuitive and readily embrace the system. The CLM Matrix tool allows users to work natively in the Office desktop tools in which they are both trained and confident. CLM Matrix provides detailed contract management software documentation for the system administrator. Listed below is a comprehensive list of education and training services we offer our clients.

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Education and Training Services

CLM 101 - User Education

As with any system implementation it is desirable to secure broad consensus and commitment on the value of the project to the user community and the organization. CLM Matrix accommodates this requirement in its implementation methodology. To complement this we offer both written and classroom education tools that help the organization understand what CLM is, why it is important to the organization, how it affects their role and how they can contribute to the project’s success. Tools include CLM education templates, a primer for managing organizational change during implementation, and Matrix Software documentation.

CLM Matrix - Train-the-trainer

Some organizations prefer to have selected employees become resident experts charged with training Matrix Software power users within the organization. CLM Matrix offers Train-the-trainer training with accompanying documentation specifically tailored to your organization’s configuration of the software’s rules-based wizards.

CLM Matrix - User Training

CLM Matrix offers User Training to both small and large groups. Training can be classroom based, handled onsite or online via web-conference depending on customer preference. CLM Matrix also offers both written and recorded clinics for specific user training needs. Each can be customized to the customer’s unique software configuration. These training materials can be made available online from within the software application and may compliment mouse-over tip and instruction functionality included with our product.

CLM Matrix - Administrator Training

CLM Matrix delivers a full-featured administration portal that allows the project administrator full control over security, set-up and configuration wizards. As part of every project, CLM Matrix requires that the client name a full-time person to act as CLM Coordinator. This person then acts as co-pilot for the initial software set-up and configuration. CLM Matrix offers Administrator Training where additional understanding might be beneficial or to assist in training those newly assigned this role. CLM Matrix’s paradigm is that changes in an organization’s process, business policy, contract content, workflow, etc. should not create an IT project. It is the Administrator role that governs configuration through the comprehensive portfolio of wizards contained in the Matrix Software. Administrator training can be provided in both written and classroom formats – in person or online.