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Contract Management Technical Support

Timely and Accurate Technical Information

CLM Matrix provides Contract Management  Technical Support to answer your CLM Matrix questions and ensure optimal performance of your system.

Available during standard business hours, our knowledgeable support staff ensures timely and accurate answers to technical questions you may have. CLM Matrix also makes 24-hour access available during critical periods. Most technical questions are also covered in the extensive CLM Matrix documentation and training material provided to customers.

Additional Technical Support Services

Additional Technical Support Services are provided to meet the unique needs of most any organization:

CLM System Engineer

The CLM Systems Engineer is a senior professional skilled in system architecture, network infrastructure, hardware assessments and performance optimization.

CLM System Administrator

CLM Matrix was designed to be configured through intuitive wizards that do not require programmers for changes to be made. The System Administrator is for those organizations requiring additional capacity or support to configure the CLM Matrix to their unique contract process or to meet critical time requirements.

On-Site or Real Time Support

To assist those customers who may want to provide additional administrator training to their internal staff, on-site support can be provided. In addition CLM Matrix offers real-time web-based support as a cost effective alternative to having a full-time support engineer at your site.

Hosted Developmental Environment

To assist customers with aggressive timelines meet their targets, CLM Matrix can provide a temporary hosted development environment for testing and configuration to jump-start the project prior to the availability of internal infrastructure.

CLM Matrix Support: Corporate clients
Phone: 1 855 681 5937