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Take Back Profits. Reduce Your Risk. CLM Matrix: Are Your Contract Process People Ready?

Standardize, Streamline and Automate your contract lifecycle management processes using software that connects, informs and empowers your employees to solve problems before they happen while providing the time to invent entirely new ways to create value. All built on the Microsoft Platform — which means minimal technical or user training.

Matrix Enterprise

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Matrix Enterprise was the first and is the most robust contract lifecycle management solution based on the Microsoft Office SharePoint technology platform. It is a rule driven, fully scalable application for organizations who need to move into a policy management driven arena.

Matrix Enterprise uses a SmartContract document assembly engine to automatically create, assemble, load to the repository and launch a workflow built on the SmartPolicy rules engine designed to your company’s business rules and policies.

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Matrix Fast Track

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Matrix FastTrack is a template driven, fully scalable tool for organizations who manage contracts that are either created outside the system or are mostly managing third party contracts. It differs from Matrix Enterprise in that it does not include the SmartContract document creation capability.

Matrix FastTrack uses powerful alert, notification, and reporting features to track contract status and improve the compliance health of your contract portfolio.

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Matrix Online

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Matrix Cloud is a Hosted/Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. The solution provides a cloud-based contract management repository where you can track, search and set alerts for all of your active contracts. No IT staff is needed, no additional licenses, access to all future upgrades and releases with minimal configuration.

Matrix Cloud is for companies with one to 10 users who manage contracts and need greater visibility into key obligations and expiration dates.

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CLM Matrix is the leading Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution on the market today designed to solve the contract process challenges faced by mid and large-sized organizations. It is the first solution built exclusively on the Microsoft Office Technology platform – the technology your employees, customers and suppliers use today.

CLM Matrix pioneered wizard driven, policy based SmartContract Engines and SmartWorkflow Engines to dynamically create and drive “intelligent contracts that enable contract intelligence.” The entire Matrix Software solution can be configured to match your organization’s unique contract initiation, creation, negotiation, and execution processes through a comprehensive set of wizards.

Implementation is fast, requires no development and little training because the result is familiar and intuitive.

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