Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Lifecycle Management Perspective for Business Executives

In today’s complex environment, many companies are challenged to do more with less. Often times, the less implies tightening operating expenses and reducing overhead, including headcount. CLM Matrix believes that companies can do MORE by spending LESS time plodding through inefficient processes and struggling to understand how their business is performing against contractual rights and obligations.

There are four key benefit areas that our Matrix Software contract management solutions can help your organization achieve:


Address the need for contract process and structure standardization while lowering administrative and legal costs associated with establishing and managing strategic relationships.


Collapse contract creation and negotiation cycle times by up to 50% or more and reduce DSO with back-end integration with existing ERP systems.

Business Intelligence

Optimize buy or sell side contracts through increased transparency and deeper analysis of enterprise-wide contract data. Communicate best practice information & instruction from Legal, Business and Finance.

Governance and Risk Management

Reduce operating and regulatory exposure through system level enforcement of request-to-contract procedures and eliminate rogue and redundant contract versions that drive up contractual risk.

Many enterprise organizations have to synthesize cross-functional business interests to justify investment in large software purchases to achieve these defined benefits. Accordingly, the following set of questions are categorized by functional discipline to help further justify the investment in a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution: