Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Management Best Practices

Contract Lifecycle Management Deployment – On Time, On Test, On Budget

CLM Matrix offers a full portfolio of contract management software implementation services that can be tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Our experienced implementation teams are trained and certified in the contract management best practices, methodology, implementation tools and techniques developed for efficient and effective deployment of the Matrix Software solutions.

The software is fully configured through a comprehensive portfolio of wizards without costly and time-consuming hard coding. Initial implementation and later reconfiguration due to changes in your process phases, steps, contract content, formatting, business rules and policy are all made readily through intuitive wizard interfaces contributing greatly to business agility while eliminating costly follow-on professional service fees.

For a complete overview of CLM Matrix’s implementation methodology please contact us. We’ll be happy to share with you how our focused and measured approach delivers quick ROI’s with a CLM system that is readily embraced by your user community.