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CLM Productivity Workshops

A Perfect Way to Jump-Start Your CLM Project

CLM Matrix’s depth of experience in helping organizations define and apply contract lifecycle management best practices to their contracting processes has allowed us to distill the process of understanding a customer’s business and process down to more science than art. By applying our experience to your contract process we can quickly identify opportunities to apply best practices while eliminating the inefficiencies that may be present. Most organizations with whom we work intuitively know they need help but are unsure where to start. Below you will find programs developed to provide our clients a low cost way to jump-start the contract process improvement process.

CLM Productivity Workshop

A CLM Productivity Workshop  is a  2-3 day on-site exercise to define and understand a customer’s business process while discovering opportunities where technology might create process efficiencies, increase effectiveness and reduce contract portfolio risk.  Traditional approaches can take anywhere from many weeks to several months using exhaustive employee interview methods that in our experience have proven to be costly and ineffective.

Led by CLM Matrix senior contract process engineers, the CLM Productivity Workshop is a collaborative discovery exercise focused on a pre-selected strategic contract process. Our contract process experts spend 2-3 days with the customer examining and documenting the identified contract process using an interactive and rapid process definition methodology with our proprietary CLM Visio stencil.

Deliverables for the client include:

  • CLM process workflow diagram that acts as a gap analysis comparing the current process and technologies with clear steps where the client may begin to consolidate, improve and automate its process while leveraging its existing Microsoft technology investments
  • consensus and commitment among executives, process owners and SME’s for project objectives, key drivers and project risks
  • list of related business and process improvement ideas that will contribute additional ROI for the CLM project and business

The deliverables for a CLM Productivity Workshop are not throw away and apply whether a company ultimately decides to move forward with CLM Matrix software or chooses to pursue different alternatives.

For more information on how CLM Matrix can help you get started with a CLM Productivity Workshop, please contact us.