Contract Lifecycle Management

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About Us

Innovative Thinking

CLM Matrix is the leading provider of solutions that transform the way companies manage contracts, trade agreements and other important documents that contain valuable strategic information. Our Matrix Software solutions significantly reduces risk and costs while increasing revenues and vastly improving productivity.

Compelling Solution

Forward thinking organizations realize they can no longer afford to rely on templates and e-mail attachments for mission critical procure-to-pay and quote-to-cash contract processes. As the leading innovator in the market, CLM Matrix is changing the way companies look at their contracting processes. Gains in efficiency and effectiveness from Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementations are far too compelling for organizations to ignore. ROI’s are typically measured in months, not years.

Smart System

Why do we call our solution “smart”? Integral to the Matrix Enterprise architecture is a core Artificial Intelligence (AI) rules engine that “makes decisions” on how to navigate through a business process and how to construct the necessary contract, given its described characteristics. Companies have long needed a way to guarantee each legal agreement is composed correctly according to business policy, is complete, and includes no conflicting statements. Usually this desire is met by managing policy across departmental personnel, with periodic, follow-on audits. Using creative techniques, CLM Matrix has mastered the ability for process/policy administrators to enter such business policy into the “brain” whereby it is then guaranteed to be fully adhered to and governed. With this, it is easy to understand why our solution is called the “Matrix”: The rules engine implements business policy by controlling and driving business process, document creation, clause insertion, routing/approval, notifications, alerts, assignments, and escalations.

Proven Technology

Now in its 15th major release, CLM Matrix best practice software tools enable organizations to increase process efficiency and recapture lost profits while driving revenue velocity. By continually staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, CLM Matrix delivers the most cost effective business critical solutions demanded by today’s challenging business environment.

Clear Focus

CLM Matrix’s mission is clear:  To equip our customers with process and policy best practices, technology tools, and tactics that can be used as major drivers of buy-side and sell-side contract management transformation.