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CLM Matrix Automates Quote-to-Cash for Multi-Billion Dollar International Manufacturer of Building Products

CLM Matrix Automates Quote-to-Cash for Multi-Billion Dollar International Manufacturer of Building Products

Dallas, TX – November 30, 2015 – CLM Matrix, a leading global provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) applications, which include the full quote to cash process, announced today that a Multinational Building Products Manufacturer selected its Matrix Enterprise v15.x Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) application to manage their strategic manufacturing partner contracting needs.

Matrix Enterprise streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from contract request, authoring, negotiation, and approval, through contract execution, amendment, and renewal. The solution provides an enterprise view of contracts and comprehensive reporting capabilities which will allow for automation of the ongoing supervision of contractual relationships through consolidating and maintaining accurate contract data while also minimizing risk and improving compliance with their partner manufacturers.

After months of evaluation, the Building Products Manufacturer eliminated most competitors, as the complex requirements rendered most offerings insufficient. Most notable of these requirements was the need for a solution that allowed teams to operate inside Microsoft Office. This, along with the flexibility of authoring tools producing documents natively in MS Word or PDF, the no-code wizard configurable nature of the system and the capability for process transparency and robust reporting made CLM Matrix the clear provider to deliver the entire Quote-to-Cash solution across multiple geographies and multiple business units.

About CLM Matrix

CLM Matrix is the leading provider of solutions that transform the way companies manage contracts, trade agreements and other important documents that contain valuable strategic information. Our Matrix Software solutions significantly reduces risk and costs while increasing revenues and vastly improving productivity.

Forward thinking organizations realize they can no longer afford to rely on templates and e-mail attachments for mission critical procure-to-pay and quote-to-cash contract processes. As the leading innovator in the market, CLM Matrix is changing the way companies look at their contracting processes. Gains in efficiency and effectiveness from Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementations are far too compelling for organizations to ignore. ROI’s are typically measured in months, not years.

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