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CLM Matrix joins forces with ARX for Digital Signatures

CLM Matrix joins forces with ARX for Digital Signatures

DALLAS, Texas, November 3, 2011 — CLM Matrix announces a formal partnership with ARX/CoSign for digital signature solutions. The partnership will provide end-to-end contract lifecycle management with digital signature capability on the ubiquitous Microsoft Office/SharePoint technology platform.

Organizations are realizing that they can no longer rely on manual ad hoc paper-based processes for their important documents, such as contracts.  With the CLM Matrix SharePoint contract lifecycle management application and ARX’s CoSign® digital signatures, companies can now standardize, streamline, and automate their contracting processes through the signature approval stage.  This enables paperless end-to-end document processes and saves time, routing costs and shipping time.

CLM Matrix has seen customer requests for digital signature increase significantly over the past 12 months.  “Offering our customers the ability to initiate, create, negotiate, digitally sign, and manage both buy- and sell-side documents without the need to print while natively leveraging Microsoft Office technology is a natural extension of our offering,” says CLM Matrix CEO Tim Sparks.

“Pairing our solutions allows a seamless, automated contracts process that’s 100% electronic from contract initiation to approval. I know our customers will be pleased to see these very useful solutions delivered together,” said John Marchioni, GM and VP Business Development at ARX.

With CoSign digital signatures integrated into CLM Matrix, contracts can be legally enforceable, and will maintain their integrity over time and as they move from place to place.  CoSign signatures allow best practices for compliance audit and governance requirements of any organization or government agency. Every signature expressed with CoSign provides evidence of the signer’s identity, and guarantees data integrity of the contract as it was when it was signed. CoSign is a complete and standard digital signature solution that ensures low administrative overhead, smooth user adoption, and a quick and clearly-measurable ROI.

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