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Backlog Blues

Backlog Blues

Turns out that just having SharePoint (like 78% of the Fortune 500 do) as a purchased software license isn’t really helping CIOs around the word. Why? Well, mostly because it’s not well understood and thus is being grossly underutilized.

SharePoint isn’t a standalone solution like email or Bing. It’s one of those facilitator solutions where you get the best results when you build on top of it. Being able to use SharePoint as the underlying platform has tremendous functional and cost advantages. First of all, your company probably already owns it. Secondly, leveraging the existing technology means less time learning new software development platforms. And, as an added benefit, because it’s a Microsoft product, your users will already be familiar with the general use, which means less training and faster adoption.

CIOs and their departments can help the company’s business units be more self sufficient by taking advantage of the true power of SharePoint and the possibilities it brings. Taking the time to conduct a process workshop can really help these units understand their workflow. And, once you can quantify a workflow, you can build a system to help manage and monitor it. The ability to identify and quantify a workflow may be the CIOs greatest talent. Because without this process, people tend to go into a silo and start building things they think they need, but can cause more problems down the road. We see this a lot as we begin working with companies on their contract workflow process. Lots of moving parts, but no well running engine.

Another benefit of having a full understanding of the workflows is that you can more readily see and find solutions that have already been created. Solutions that will work on top of the investment you’ve already made. And this is just what the doctor ordered for curing your application backlog blues.

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By: Darrin Poole