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Made (to last) in Japan.

Made (to last) in Japan.

This week, at some level, all of us are focused on Japan. It’s a solemn and helpless feeling to know the trauma this strong and proud country is going through. It’s times like these where the universe seems to come together and individually we do what we can — money, action or just good thoughts.

But, if ever there is a country who can “take it,” it’s Japan. Like no other, we’ve seen Japan as the Phoenix arising from the ashes on more than one occasion. The final outcome here will be no different. They are made to succeed.

And, not to be Pollyanna here, but we know much good will come from this. We are almost assured of better nuclear energy technology, intelligence and a rebuilding, which may be very good news for an economy that has been stagnant for many years.

While our hearts are focused on the people and their challenges, some minds are focused on the business aspect of this disruption. Much like the Katrina era (see our article Mitigating Risks), companies all over the world are now ascertaining their exposure to this disaster. U.S. companies with employees in Japan are making critical decisions about their safety and those that have customers and suppliers there are busy determining what the effects will be.

Lots of contracts, including employee and trade agreements, are being reviewed now to see what business risks are at stake.

This is where an efficient contract lifecycle management system is pretty darn useful. Knowing your company’s risks and exposures to such natural disasters and the protection afforded by Force Majeurelanguage is essential. Getting this information in a matter of minutes not weeks…that is smart business. And smart businesses are more profitable and have less downside exposure to such unforeseen events.

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