Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Management Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Many of today’s leading Pharmaceutical companies are challenged to achieve greater operational efficiency, lower operating costs, and expediently bring new products to market. These objectives enable the primary goal to develop and distribute medical drugs that cure both known illness and yet to be diagnosed diseases. Bringing new products to market is central to a large pharmaceutical company’s bottom line profitability and long term success.

CLM Matrix provides contract lifecycle management software solutions that help achieve these objectives by standardizing, streamlining and automating the contract initiation, creation, negotiation and execution processes. Our solution accelerates time to market by eliminating process inefficiency and creating standards for collaborative document creation, retention and management throughout the IND process.

Pharmaceutical Benefits

Pharmaceutical companies who have implemented Matrix-Enterprise Software have realized significant benefits including:

Tighter policy controls for product launch and market introduction, including FDA approval and acceptance.
Improved ability to manage multi-year contractual obligations, expiration dates and event triggers.
Enhanced audit capabilities to govern contractual compliance and assess business, legal and financial exposure.
Increased ability to manage contracts as corporate records and adhere to SOX and other regulatory controls.
Enhanced cycle time to initiate and negotiate contracts via automated workflow approvals and template driven configuration.

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