Contract Lifecycle Management

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Contract Lifecycle Management Perspective for IT Executives

Contract Lifecycle Management Technology Solutions for IT Executives:

As a forward thinking Information Technology Executive, you know that your company can no longer rely on templates and e-mail attachments for managing mission critical procure-to-pay and quote-to-cash contract processes.   You need a robust, highly flexible and scalable platform on which to consolidate an enterprise class solution that provides full contract management lifecycle capabilities.  Plus you want a solution that integrates easily and quickly, while still leveraging your company’s existing enterprise data, tools, and processes.

And how many times have you deployed an application solution and struggled to achieve the agreed upon business benefits due to poor user adoption. You need a contract management solution that is intuitive, uses tools with which users are already familiar, and requires little end-user training.

CLM Matrix has the answer.

By deploying applications based on market-leading Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration solutions you can:

Maximize Your ROI with Microsoft Office SharePoint
CLM Matrix offers a highly configurable solution that is 100% built upon the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) technology platform.  Our solution deploys wizard-driven, policy-based Smart Contract Engines and Smart Workflow Engines to dynamically create, execute, manage, and track intelligent contracts.

SharePoint’s integrated capabilities enable you to rapidly respond to changing business needs by making data-driven decisions and by deploying customized solutions quickly and securely. The consolidation of collaboration solutions onto SharePoint 2010 makes it possible to cut costs by lowering maintenance expenses and increasing IT productivity, all within a governable and compliant platform.

Additionally, CLM Matrix solutions can be deployed as on-premise solution or as a SaaS offering, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Deploy One Technology Solution That Scales the Entire Enterprise
CLM Matrix’s contract lifecycle management solutions offer a single, searchable, enterprise-wide contract repository to store, monitor, and manage obligations; as well as provide collaborative workflow automation that helps standardize and streamline the contract management process.  The system’s rules-based contract initiation and authoring, front and back-end system integration, repository and full document management capabilities provide benefits for all parties involved in the contract management process.

Minimal Learning Curve
Because our solution is based on the MOSS technology platform, your users also benefit by not having to learn new technologies and user interface to use the system – and you benefit by lowering training expenses.

Proven Technology
Now in its 10th major release, CLM Matrix best practice software tools enable companies to increase process efficiency and recapture lost profits while driving revenue velocity. By continually staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, CLM Matrix delivers the most cost effective business critical solutions demanded by today’s Information Technology Executives.

Questions for IT Executives Considering Contract Management Solutions:

  1. What technology is the organization currently using for its contract process? Why?
  2. What word processing technology do your suppliers use? Customers?
  3. What is the technology heritage of your organization? Why? Are any major changes being considered?
  4. What is the pace of change in your industry, company? Increasing at a steady rate?
  5. How will contract process changes affect the use of CLM technology?
  6. Does your organization have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft?
  7. Is your organization using Microsoft Office on the desktop and Outlook as its email client? What version?
  8. Are there different processes for different contract types and if so, has each process been carefully defined?
  9. Is your organization using SharePoint Portal Server for collaboration?
  10. Should a CLM solution leverage your existing technology investment in the Microsoft platform? Why?

For more information on how CLM Matrix can help you improve your profitability and reduce overall business risks, please contact us.