Contract Lifecycle Management

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How Does CLM Matrix Software Work?

Standardize. Streamline. Automate.

There are four key components that drive a successful CLM Matrix contract management software implementation:

1. Your Work Elements

CLM Matrix Software takes the key individual components that are used to create contractual relationships and integrates them to build best practice standardized workflow processes. The individual components include your processes, people,  policies, data elements and contract templates.  CLM Matrix works with its customers to define and prioritize what’s most important in each of these areas and how they add value throughout the contracting process.

2. Your Process Workflow

All business process workflows are somewhat unique. CLM Matrix provides a simple to use workflow phase and execution task builder that you can use to model your unique contract management process. The process workflow serves as the foundation for how the system will be configured to achieve greater contracting operational efficiencies.

3. Your Business Rules

CLM Matrix Software is a dynamic expert system that is highly configurable to your contract process business rules, policies and procedures. Our wizard-driven rules engine evaluates dynamic data conditions that are defined for each customer’s unique business processes to drive task assignments including approvals and dynamic clause-based document creation.  Changes are no-code wizard configured “on the fly” without IT hard coding.