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Healthcare Contract Management Software – Achieve Greater Operational Efficiency

Provide the Best Patient Care, Reduce Operating Costs, and Mitigate Risk

CLM Matrix works with some of the leading healthcare companies to provide the best patient care, reduce operating costs, and mitigate risk to the organization. Improving the process of negotiating and managing contractual obligations with various suppliers, physician groups and support organizations can significantly impact a large hospital’s operating performance and enhance its competitive market position.

As is true in most industries, the key to profitability in the healthcare industry is achieving operational efficiency. The majority of today’s public and private hospitals have never defined end-to-end processes for their major contractual relationships that significantly influence operating margins. Most organizations lack visibility into the specific rights and obligations of their buy- and sell-side agreements and go through labor-intensive efforts to search both electronic and manual document repositories to get a real sense of the legal, financial and operating exposure.

Our Matrix Software solution provides collaborative workflow automation that helps standardize and streamline the contract negotiation process. Healthcare providers who have implemented Matrix Software have been able to:

mitigate risk through control of contract language
reduce costs by preventing contracts from automatically renewing
reduce valuable legal time by creating standardized contracts using contract clauses
achieve faster contract negotiations and approval
improve operational governance by enabling better management and control of access privileges to view and update contracts
save time and money by allowing business stakeholders to initiate contract request
improve compliance by providing procedural requirements to audit contractual arrangements

We work with healthcare companies both large and small to help them achieve greater operational efficiencies. Please contact us to find out how CLM Matrix can help you as well.

Download our Industry Profile document here:  CLM for Healthcare

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